“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.” – Eckhart Tolle


(The Lost Girl and the Voice)

This is Eckhart Tolle…


Spiritual thinker, writer and speaker. This is his book (the one I have read)…


I have a two year relationship of failing to read this book.

You were not ready.

The steady voice of the enlightened man declares (think lubricated Stephen Hawking, if I am allowed a credit from the Stephen Hawking joke bank)…

Perhaps he’s right. I became ready after a light bulb moment (still working, still allowed to use rubbish metaphors) struck. I found the book on Audible whereupon I listened my way to enlightenment…

Lazy wench.

My voice. It scratches across my consciousness.

That voice is my problem. It comments, speculates, predicts, finds patterns where there aren’t patterns, repeats itself until it is heard.

So, you are saying there are two of you?
The spiritual man, with mock surprise that might make you a little bit angry (if you are not ready).

Anyway, in less than a week I will be away from home, lost, apart from my constant companion. And there will be many new situations in which it can shout louder, longer, stronger than ever – predicting, destroying, dissecting…

But ha, surprise voice, get this; there’s another voice coming [courtesy of Apple] and he’s there to listen to when you get to wailing and moaning. And you know what? No? Come closer…this voice is gonna kick your mother fucking negative voice ass! Yes it is!

The more you whinge, the less this trip is ‘how to find yourself’ more ‘how to lose your voice’.

My voice, militant and uncomfortable with the use of ghetto-esque extreme swearing.

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