Bad Altitude


My first post from 1600m and training is nearly over.

Disappointingly, I am as wrinkled as ever. As part of my training I learned that this was due to the altitude which has supreme dehydrating effects. In fact, the altitude can be blamed for a multifarious list of sins:

‘I have a headache,’…’it’s the altitude’

‘I’m thirsty,’…’it’s the altitude’

‘I have crazy dreams about sheep flying helicopters and – NO! – they are chasing me-‘…’yep, that’d be the altitude’

‘The Regional Manager is cranky and talks to us about the use of iPhones as if we are children,’…’altitude,’…’really? Surely not?’

‘I can’t focus, organise or retain any of the information I’m being given,’…’altitude’

‘I ate my own body weight in cake,’…’as above’

Why have I not tried living at altitude before? Despite being a devious trouble maker it also makes a great scape goat…

But there must be some things that can’t be blamed on the altitude…


2 thoughts on “Bad Altitude

  1. Charlotte

    Hey Jo! Love reading your updates sounds like you’re seeing the bright side of everything 🙂 how’s your room mate and the journey? How about under the sea for your playlist – Disney always uplifting. Or frozen by madonna 😉 or maybe things can only get better for the bog cleaning… Well I’m house bound with a lovely tummy bug and going to skeggie tomorrow for 3 days. Seemed like a good idea in September. Still am looking forward to a years worth of Chav watching I’m denied living in Hose. Xxxx

    • Skeggie, at this time of year…dear lord! I love your music suggestions, perfect, the play list is a work in progress! My room mate is lovely, she is also a fellow inline skater, yey!
      Yep am trying to ‘always look in the bright side of life’ (another for the playlist) over here, sometimes I can only think WTF?!?….but then it is ok. In training we were told we must go out on the mountain everyday we could, otherwise we would go crazy. Weather conditions at mo not perfect but there is ‘sic, phat’ powder (do you like my boarder/teenager speak?!). Cannot see a bloody thing when boarding but have managed to get out for the last two days and tomorrow is day off! Really good to hear from you…enjoy skeggie! Xx

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