Let The Cleaning Begin


Four days training came to an end last night with this:


Those of us who had no idea where we were going to spend the next five months found out through the ceremony of the flip chart – where would any business be without it?

In several hours I shall be putting these on, cleaning nine rooms, counting laundry, making beds and waiting with anticipation for Sunday when the first guests arrive, because that’s why we’re here, right?

I’m sure that’s what we’re all thinking about, huddled in hats and jackets, as the mini bus rolls through the snow caked valley, where black bare branches stand out against the blue sky. Not the snow, surely…off piste valleys where the only sound is the bird overhead (or so I’ve heard); the feeling of weightlessness before a landing, hopefully on your fibre glass plank(s) – or in my case my foam padded butt; the air in your face and the metres of snow passing beneath your feet; people who are not with you; the thing you didn’t do or didn’t say; the thing you did do; where you are and who you will be afterwards…

Or just this…


…the beautiful flowers in the bottom of my snowboard…

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