Aussie Joy’s Tour and Guesthouse, Karon Beach, Phuket


I made the decision to stay at Joy’s guesthouse, principally based on her Trip Advisor reviews.


The guesthouse is situated on a busy tourist-driven street, just off the main Patak Road. It is only a two minute walk to the beach and there are bars, restaurants and street vendors everywhere; you are never far from food and entertainment. The downside of this is you may have to listen to popular songs of the last 30-40 years played by the band at the Two Chefs Bar as you try to get to sleep; they do a good Bon Jovi cover!

Joy’s rooms are clean, spacious, air conditioned and basic with coffee and water provided. There is a safety deposit box.

In high season Joy runs a bar downstairs but this was closed this when I arrived.

Joy is a great host and will make you feel at home before you know it.

Joy charged me 600THB per night, low season. I suspect this to have been a little high and I think a better rate could have been negotiated (always a challenge). As it was it included all the Dow Egbert’s coffee I could drink and a Thai cooking lesson on my second night, which I don’t think comes as standard.

Contact Joy through her Facebook page – Aussie Joy Tours and Guesthouse. Sorry, I am unable to provide a link for this due to technical problems.

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